We believe in building an inclusive tribe for tomorrow through art. Sounds like a tall order? Perhaps. But all moonshots start from the ground.


Our Story

We love art and feel strongly about the emotional and mental health of children. Seeing how our kids and their friends have been affected by these unprecedented times, we wanted to provide a platform for children to interact positively, creatively and safely. Hence, Digital Art Tribe (DAT). 

DAT is a digital art school where young minds discover the fun and creative possibilities of digital drawings, paintings and animation through individual and group activities.

Our facilitators are adept at digital art and, more importantly, believe that collaboration and camaraderie will hone creative thinking and social skills.

We also conduct peer sharing sessions where our students build confidence and learn acceptance by sharing and learning from each other.

What We Stand For

Creativity, collaboration, community.

Creativity should be explored, not learned. Exploring means making mistakes and we believe if you do not make mistakes, you are not likely to make anything.

The beauty of digital art is the option to instantaneously visualise different aesthetics and undo the ones you don’t like with a tap of the screen. This quells fears and encourages freedom to try new things.

We also believe that collaboration allows unbridled imagination to flourish and builds confidence. Our sessions are designed to include co-creativity and shared goals.

We also aim to make digital art accessible to all. This is why we partner with community organisations to conduct workshops and group drawing sessions to bring children from different backgrounds to get together. This helps young minds embrace diversity and grow empathy for each other.


Why Choose Us?

Creative thinking
& social cohesion.

It is a given that you want what’s best for your child. That is why you move houses to be near good schools or scout the island for the best tutors. You’ve got your child’s academic track covered.

What we offer is an opportunity for your child to develop his or her creative ability and hone social skills while at it. We hope that every one of our students will ignite a passion in art while continuing on the journey of self growth.

We have activities to develop confidence in public speaking, learning to accept others and having the courage to try new things.  

The first youth digital art school

We are the first all-digital art school for children and youths. Our sessions are designed to pique curiosity and build confidence to inspire young hearts and minds. 

Build confidence and other good stuff

We provide digital art lessons combined with developmental skills to nurture growth and social cohesion. We believe that playing together builds trust and empathy, which are key ingredients for the community of tomorrow. Collaborative and co-created artwork are key components of our sessions.

Digital art is the future

Get ahead of the creative curve by learning digital art and unlocking the possibilities technology affords. Anyone can draw. Doing it digitally makes it more fun and forgiving.

Contact Us

As much as we appreciate tech, nothing beats a human touch, especially so now. Reach out to us if you have any queries and a non-bot will get back to you soon.